Whale shark snorkeling expedition

tiburon ballena

We invite you to join us in this unforgettable experience….

Annually whale sharks and manta rays congregate here from June to September, when the ocean becomes rich of plankton.

The whale shark (Rhincodon Typus) is the world’s largest fish!

Tulum cenote adventure

Get ready for one of the best adventures in the Riviera Maya!!!

A one hour drive through the Mayan Riviera and you will discover the Ancient Mayan City of Tulum, the only Mayan site overseeing the Caribbean Sea. Feel like in another world, as you walk around the ancient buildings that lead straight to the ocean.

Snorkeling with class on a luxury Yacht

snorkeling with class

Sail the Caribbean aboard a luxurious Yacht

Sail the Caribbean aboard a luxurious yacht and discover the wealth of the local coral reefs by snorkeling at Isla Mujeres or admire the incomparable site of Tulum’s Mayan ruins from the sea.

Snorkeling in the cenote “Dos Ojos”


Sacred Mayan Cenotes

The Yucatan peninsula hides numerous fresh water caverns. The Mayans call these sinkholes “Dzonot “, sacred well, hence the Spanish word”cenote”. Come to discover and enjoy the amazing Sacred Mayan Cenotes, and snorkel surrounded by beautiful formations like stalactites, stalagmites and millenary columns!


Ocean snorkeling Mandarin Oriental

The underwater beauty of the Caribbean

Come with us and enjoy some of the most wonderful shallow reefs of the Riviera Maya, going out of the Marina Underwater Expeditions located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.
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