Kite surfing off the beach

kite surfing

Try kite surfing with our certified instructor from International Kite boarding Organization.

Many people feel that kite boarding is only for super athletes. This is not true! Kite surfing does not require massive amounts of strength or nerves of steel .If you are in moderately good physical condition and comfortable in the water, you are ready for our Discovery Kite Boarding program!

Learn how to set up and safely pilot a 2 or 4 lines kite, then experience the body dragging in the water and be certified IKO Level 1.Minimum of 2 hours.


IKO level 2

If you have already achieved Level 1 or have the equivalent skill level, you could get to IKO level 2. During the course, you will improve kite piloting with power, one hand kite piloting, body dragging unhooked and hooked into your harness. By the end of this intermediate program, you will get up on the board for your first ride and be able to rent equipment and practice under supervision.

IKO level 3

Become an independent kite boarder with the IKO level 3.You will be able to ride upwind and do your first jump! Learn how to manage your practice area and to choose your equipment. Your kite flying skills will be improved and you will learn how to control your direction and power, and come back to your starting point.

The course will begin depending on the wind and ocean conditions.

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