Scuba diver certification course

dive sertification course

Get a diving certification

You want to get a diving certification, but you don’t have enough time for a full Open water course? Then PADI scuba diver is made for you!

Open water course

In the 2 days program, one of our instructors will teach you the basics of the Open water course, containing theory, pool skills and 2 Open water dives.

You will receive a certification, valid for life time, to a maximum depth of 12 m/40 ft. You can upgrade to the full certification during your next vacation.

Caribbean reefs are so rich that is it common to see rays, angel fish, parrot fish, blue tang, occasionally turtles and much more!


Diving education materials ( book, dive table) and PADI certification, 2 Dives, theory class, confined water exercises, the diving gear (mask, fins, BCD, Regulator, wetsuit), boat ride, water and soft drinks, introduction to marine life, visiting the coral reef followed by a spectacular reef dive, experienced and friendly guides.

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