Cenote diving for certified divers

cenote diving

If you don’t go, you won’t know!

Millions of years ago the Yucatan Peninsula was covered by the sea. Today there is an incredible clear fresh water underground river system of caverns and caves.
The Mayans knew these mysterious and magic places as CENOTES. At one time, Cenotes were the only source of fresh water for the Mayans; they were considered a gift of GOD CHAK, their God of water.

Let us take you into the wonderful hidden world of the Cenotes!

Experience a dive of your life in this unique place, flying slowly through caverns full of crystal clear water, stalagmites, stalactites and millenary columns.
Cavern dive means that the dive stays within the limit of the day light and that there is always a close exit to the surface at any moment.

Any open water diver with good buoyancy is welcome.

We recommend an ocean dive with us prior to the cenote dive if you didn’t dive for some time. The cenote trip includes 2 dives, transportation, entrance fee and diving gear.
The transportation to the cenote will last about 45 minutes, starting from the reception of your hotel at 9 am and will return around 3:30 pm.
We recommend you to wear comfortable shoes, long sleeves shirt and pants.
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