Discover scuba diving

discovery scuba diving

This program is for you

If you have never tried Scuba Diving before, our “Discover Scuba Diving” program is for you.
UNDERWATER EXPEDITIONS is located at the MARINA of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. We are ideally placed to introduce you to the secrets and beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

Experience another world

One of our professional and highly experienced instructors will give you a short lesson in the swimming-pool, followed by a spectacular reef dive from our boat. You will see a variety of tropical fishes like angel fish, parrot fish, blue tang, and also rays, barracudas, occasionally turtles and abundant coral on our neighboring “cerebros” reef at a maximum depth of 12m/40ft.

Experience another world, get to know the Caribbean marine life, enjoy a spectacular reef dive with friendly guides!!!

The Diving gear

The Diving gear (mask, fins, BCD, Regulator, wetsuit), boat ride (shade on board), beverages are included.
Please bring with you your bathing suit, hat, biodegradable sun protection, sun glasses, and camera.
This will take a total of 4 hours.
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