Whale shark snorkeling expedition

tiburon ballena

We invite you to join us in this unforgettable experience….

Annually whale sharks and manta rays congregate here from June to September, when the ocean becomes rich of plankton.

The whale shark (Rhincodon Typus) is the world’s largest fish!
Despite his enormous appearance, this docile giant is totally harmless consuming only massive quantity of plankton while filtering the water.


After one hour boat ride from Cancun to the migration route, we will swim about 2 hours with the whale shark in his own natural habitat while maintaining deep care and respect.
The tour starts around 7 am from the reception of your hotel-the exact time will be confirmed the day before-and returns around 3 pm. Schedule could change depending on the weather conditions and whale shark sighting.

The tour

The tour includes transportation, snorkel equipment, soft drinks, fruit, seafood ceviche and sandwiches. We recommend you to bring biodegradable sunscreen to use after swimming with the whale shark, sunglasses, hat, bathing suit and beach towel, medicine in case of seasickness and a camera.

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