Snorkeling in the cenote “Dos Ojos”


Sacred Mayan Cenotes

The Yucatan peninsula hides numerous fresh water caverns. The Mayans call these sinkholes “Dzonot “, sacred well, hence the Spanish word”cenote”. Come to discover and enjoy the amazing Sacred Mayan Cenotes, and snorkel surrounded by beautiful formations like stalactites, stalagmites and millenary columns!

Sacred Water of the Mayas

We will drive to one of the most beautiful Cenote, hidden inside the jungle, about 45 minutes away from your hotel. After a little walk in a jungle path with our professional guide, we arrive to the Sacred Water of the Mayas, the entrance to one of the World’s largest underground rivers. Snorkel through different chambers; admire the amazing clearness of the water offering a maximum visibility. A unique place for a truly special adventure!

The tour

The tour takes about a half day. Transportation, entrance fee, snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel, and fins), life jacket, wet suit, and refreshments are included.    We recommend you to wear comfortable shoes, long sleeves shirt and pants. Please bring your bathing suit, hat, sunglasses, biodegradable sun screen, mosquito repellent and camera.


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